Dependency Management for Interpreter

You can include external libraries to interpreter by setting dependencies in interpreter menu.

To be noticed, this approach doesn't work for spark and flink interpreters. They have their own dependency management, please refer their doc for details.

When your code requires external library, instead of doing download/copy/restart Zeppelin, you can easily do following jobs in this menu.

  • Load libraries recursively from Maven repository
  • Load libraries from local filesystem
  • Add additional maven repository

Load Dependencies to Interpreter

  1. Click 'Interpreter' menu in navigation bar.
  2. Click 'edit' button of the interpreter which you want to load dependencies to.
  3. Fill artifact and exclude field to your needs. You can enter not only groupId:artifactId:version but also local file in artifact field.
  4. Press 'Save' to restart the interpreter with loaded libraries.

Add repository for dependency resolving

  1. Press icon in 'Interpreter' menu on the top right side. It will show you available repository lists.
  2. If you need to resolve dependencies from other than central maven repository or local ~/.m2 repository, hit icon next to repository lists.
  3. Fill out the form and click 'Add' button, then you will be able to see that new repository is added.
  4. Optionally, if you are behind a corporate firewall, you can specify also all proxy settings so that Zeppelin can download the dependencies using the given credentials