Revisions comparator

Apache Zeppelin allows you to compare revisions of notebook. To see which paragraphs have been changed, removed or added. This action becomes available if your notebook has more than one revision.

How to compare two revisions

For compare two revisions need open dialog of comparator (by click button) and click on any revision in the table.

Or choose two revisions into comboboxes.

After click on any revision in the table or selecting the second revision will see the result of the comparison.

How to read the result of the comparison

Result it is list of paragraphs which was in both revisions. If paragraph was added in second revision ("Head") then so it will be marked as added, if was deleted then it will be marked as deleted. If paragraph exists in both revisions then it marked as there are differences. To view the comparison click on the section.

–°hanges in the text of the paragraph are highlighted in green and red. Red it is line (block of lines) which was deleted, green it is line (block of lines) which was added).