MongoDB interpreter for Apache Zeppelin


MongoDB is a general purpose, document-based, distributed database built for modern application developers and for the cloud era. This interpreter use mongo shell to execute scripts Use mongo-shell JavaScript to analyze data as you need.

Installing AND Configuration

First, you need to install mongo shell with Zeppelin in the same machine. If you use mac with brew, follow this instructions. brew tap mongodb/brew brew install mongodb/brew/mongodb-community-shell Or you can follow this mongo shell Second, create mongodb interpreter in Zeppelin. MongoDB interpreter install

Name Default Value Description mongo MongoDB shell local path.
Use which mongo to get local path in linux or mac. 1000 Limit of documents displayed in a table.
Use table function when get data from mongodb 60000 MongoDB shell command timeout in millisecond localhost MongoDB server host to connect to
mongo.server.port 27017 MongoDB server port to connect to
mongo.server.database test MongoDB database name
mongo.server.authentdatabase MongoDB database name for authentication
mongo.server.username Username for authentication
mongo.server.password Password for authentication
mongo.interpreter.concurrency.max 10 Max count of scheduler concurrency


The following example demonstrates the basic usage of MongoDB in a Zeppelin notebook. MongoDB interpreter examples Or you can monitor stats of mongodb collections. MongoDB interpreter examples