Apache Zeppelin Release 0.9.0

The Apache Zeppelin community is pleased to announce the availability of the 0.9.0 release.

The community put significant effort into improving Apache Zeppelin since the last release. 568 tickets are resolved.

We encourage to download the latest release. Feedback through the mailing lists is very welcome.

You can visit issue tracker for full list of issues that are resolved.


This release would not be possible without the following community members' contributions:

Jeff Zhang Hsuan Lee Xun Liu Lee moon soo Alex Ott Philipp Dallig dependabot[bot] Jay Jin Prabhjyot Singh amakaur vthinkxie Gyula Komlossi LeeDongMyeong Bhavik Patel Muhammad Taufiq santosh1994 Muhammad-ms Frank Oosterhuis marc hurabielle hsteinmueller Andrea Santurbano fdai redsk santoshk_qubole sergeymazin shoaibintigral tylerba-f xiejiajun yx91490 Akhil Subhash Naik 自知 Alex Imbrea Ilya Muradyan Jaehoon Jeong Jaewon Seo Jeff Hammel Krishna Pandey Lars Francke Long Le Xich Michael Werner Michal Vince Tang Xiao Tony Primerano Vipin Rathor abdelouahab EL OUAZZANY bobcanthelpyou curlsli dkaznacheev eldiem fdeantoni iamabug jpmcmu